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The Berlioz International Music Competition is an online musical event designed to thoroughly assess and celebrate the exceptional talent and artistic brilliance of participants who come from diverse backgrounds and excel in a wide array of musical disciplines, including playing various instruments, conducting, composing, vocal performance, and chamber music, representing a global array of nationalities and cultures.

Our primary aim is to inspire and encourage a greater number of young musicians to step onto the online stage and nurture their artistic development. This competition offers a myriad of advantages to our contestants, creating a welcoming and supportive environment for them to engage in friendly competition. Our core mission revolves around recognizing outstanding talents within the artistic community and bestowing honors that can serve as significant milestones towards achieving global recognition and success.

This competition is thoughtfully structured to ensure that it caters to candidates of varying ages, skill levels, experiences, and performance preferences.

Our ultimate objective is to empower and support aspiring musicians from around the world. Our essence lies in providing young musicians with a platform to stretch their musical boundaries and share their compositions with a global audience. Additionally, winners will have the opportunity to gain visibility and exposure through our online platforms.

Member Competition arranged by World Online Music Competitions Organization

Berlioz International Music Competition
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